Wednesday, January 19, 2011

who am i to blow against the wind

Over the weekend I went camping. We slept in a field next to Turpin Falls, about an hours drive from Melbourne. We woke up early, the sun was already stinkin’ hot, so after a delicious campfire breakfast and a quick dip in the river we hit the road.

A rough plan was formed to find a half decent coffee, check out the markets in Woodend and stumble upon another sweet spot to swim.

After coffee was located and I’d spent all my money on books, plants, home made relish and handcrafted bowls at the market, I got chatting to a beekeeper selling beeswax candles she made from her own and a few local beehives. She was also the president of the beekeepers guild of Victoria. I started to think how interesting the beekeepers guild meetings would be- a community of beekeepers whose interest was in the ultimate community….. bees.

Marilyne and I agreed to write each other a brief bio for this blog (, we thought it would be a fun challenge. I had been thinking about it all weekend and it wasn’t until I got chatting to the beekeeper that a little light bulb in the top paddock made a ‘click’ a ‘bing’…the noise when something suddenly makes sense.

Marilyne Blais reminds me of a bee on a mission- buzzing around from project to project always on her way to do something awesome. Whether it be hanging with friends at an amazing outdoor spot, having meetings with another collective she is involved in to organize an event or performance, or take part in workshops all involving, creating and constructing community interaction and engagement.

I met her in Vancouver this past Canadian summer, when my slogan for the season was ‘talk’s cheap’ swiftly I realised Marilyne puts these words to shame, it’s easy to just say them- Marilyne lives them! Her urgency to get stuck in and make things happen is inspiring..... TALK’S CHEAP! Make something, do something! 

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