Thursday, September 15, 2011

Utopia and Guitar Solo's

Utopia to me is like an epic wailing guitar solo, for a moment you become the guitar you are transformed by the sound taken to a higher place a higher state of being — your entire existence is defined by this instrument and in this moment you are the music you are the sound – be your sound—higher and higher and even higher still.

And then bang the rest of the band kicks in — the guitar is, you are still wailing but you are in a crowded field — your sound is no longer the only sound your sound is epic but in a larger field your sound dances with other sounds. You are still wailing and wandering and you will carry that sweet, sweet moment you became the sound you and the guitar intertwined and wailed the loudest and the hardest, you will carry that moment with you for the rest of your life until the next time and the next time, each time will be different - building upon the time before and the time before that, renewing the last with an epic sense of the present moment —moving forward and being present in this moment and this moment and this moment.

An epic wailing guitar solo cannot spiral on into eternity  — it’s a moment, a moment that is continuous and lasting and renewable within the context of the next moment — a layering of moments, a layering of sounds, like the sweetest dueling guitar solo.

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