Monday, February 27, 2012

windows/eternal rays

Yesterday I woke up in a field. The sun was showering me with its rays, it was early and already stinkin’ hot.

I sat on a boulder overlooking the infinite golden landscape littered with gum trees - their branches were filled with magpies and white cockatoo’s singing at the top of their lungs. A duet perhaps? Serenading the new day or heckling each other and the weird looking city slicker perched below them.

It felt good to be home.

Home in the country away from my home in the city, on the road constantly moving constantly evolving home.

We swam beneath the recently flooded Turpin Falls. The water was flowing so hard and fast that the river below had become a kid’s ultimate fantasy- a massive bubble bath. Though the surging current that thrashed against the rocks destroyed this dream like Charles Manson and the dreamy visions of the late 60’s.

We perched ourselves on some safe rocks beneath the waters surface and carried on like children playing in the bubbles.

-18th January, 2011 

-Yesterday, 24th February 2012