Thursday, November 5, 2015

Motorcycle and Frames

Motorcycles and Freedom. Painting is today as motorcycles are free, pay the price you live the dream man—pay the price. Surfing is the most conservative sport around—freedom always circles to a mould—a frame. Could be a nod to this—pay the price you live the dream man. But perhaps it is still as conservative as motorcycles and painting and surfing.

Freedom—you’re only as free as your Instagram account man. Pay the price you live the dream,  pay the price you’re free—as free as the newly paved downtown asphalt allows. Don’t scratch my Dodge RAM F450 man—I only just paid for my 6 new all season tires. Don’t scratch them on the curb man, it’s ok if my RAM sticks out—I have six tires and need the space man—
concrete cowboys unite

I wear my flames on the inside man, next to my dreadlocks. If I could use veggie oil in my motorcycle I would man—I hear thats possible, some bloke in Malaysia told me. Motorcycles and my flames on the inside man. 
motorcycles + flames

If I had a flamin’ motorcycle I’d play that fucking thing til my fingers bled man.
Motorcycles and flames is a title for a painting. A painting stapled down and stretched of life, attached to a frame man.

stretched and stapled
motorcycles and freedom
pay the price you live the dream man
motorcycles and flames

—Kate Moss

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