Thursday, November 5, 2015

Motorcycle and Frames

Motorcycles and Freedom. Painting is today as motorcycles are free, pay the price you live the dream man—pay the price. Surfing is the most conservative sport around—freedom always circles to a mould—a frame. Could be a nod to this—pay the price you live the dream man. But perhaps it is still as conservative as motorcycles and painting and surfing.

Freedom—you’re only as free as your Instagram account man. Pay the price you live the dream,  pay the price you’re free—as free as the newly paved downtown asphalt allows. Don’t scratch my Dodge RAM F450 man—I only just paid for my 6 new all season tires. Don’t scratch them on the curb man, it’s ok if my RAM sticks out—I have six tires and need the space man—
concrete cowboys unite

I wear my flames on the inside man, next to my dreadlocks. If I could use veggie oil in my motorcycle I would man—I hear thats possible, some bloke in Malaysia told me. Motorcycles and my flames on the inside man. 
motorcycles + flames

If I had a flamin’ motorcycle I’d play that fucking thing til my fingers bled man.
Motorcycles and flames is a title for a painting. A painting stapled down and stretched of life, attached to a frame man.

stretched and stapled
motorcycles and freedom
pay the price you live the dream man
motorcycles and flames

—Kate Moss

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

43.4 degrees

ocean swirls
blue sky open
empty easterly
comforts little
radiating heat
heats heat

afternoon breeze
shadow shadows
an oily distortion
vibrates sideways

moving weeds
blooming cracks
how one forgets

43.4 degrees

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Robbie Basho, Visions of the Country

Visions—visions, listening to this album makes my heart feel heavy—heavy with feeling, real feeling. It feels good to feel something in this technology mediated world. Music—sensation— music created from the sensations generated by a landscape.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

paper lint cobwebs

From Bartleby Review
Issue 25, December, 2014

paper lint cobwebs           Kate Moss

Yugi Agematsu

233 Carral Street
Through October 25

Paper lint cobwebs
Paper and lint—hung from fishhook like cobwebs 

Tape—bundled and pinned—wonky pins
A computer chip met wire—twisted entangled wire—pinned on the under side.

The gallery is stretched

Table in centre---cobwebs pinned on the underside—objects on top. 
No lights—lights removed—overhead lights—tracks removed
objects pinned—resting like specimens on the surface.

Thought of layered burnout drawings of decay
but this—this was alive
the gallery 
not detached from the street—no frames—
sandwiched between Gastown and the Downtown Eastside

The gallery is stretched 

human hair—discarded rubber—elegant lines on a silver plain
12 white steel legs—six on each side attached to timber supporting a sheet of MDF—
on a smooth surface painted silver the objects are placed.
At waist height the support became a stage upon which the objects were composed

This was a painting

Thought of—the silver surface—dancers performing—a muted palette—a stage 
where sourced imagery is performed
But these objects were alive—performing in time with the natural light

ciggy butts—doobie roaches—a maroon stained ciggy butt
a matchbook dancing
shattered glass—covered in foil
familiar white headphones meet rubber remains—a figure in motion 

In motion—objects collected in motion.
The streets of New York met Portland and Vancouver
removed from living but not from life. 
Materials removed from life—vibrating with rhythm—objects static—yet vibrating—
objects become material vibrating with the rhythms of life. 

The sounds of the street in New York met the noise outside—this is a sound piece—more electric than 
The performance at Skylight Gallery—this is living sound—materials imbued with sound—intemingling sound—inside and outside

The gallery is stretched

Gertrude Stein wrote “The composition is the thing seen by every one living in the living that they are doing, they are the composing of the composition that at the time they are living is the composition of the time in which they are living.”

Living— breathing time—at this time—objects in time—objects composed of time—material time.

The light changes
The gallery is stretched

Friday, April 10, 2015

applause @ sunset

Sunset Terrace

Thurs April 16th, 2015

Friday, November 21, 2014

gretchen snakes

i spent today strolling backwards on lush properties in the Southlands area of Vancouver. Backpack blower strapped upon my back—making piles of leaves to be raked, thrown on a tarp and carted back to the truck.
                                red, rust, coral, yellow birch, the ones from the tree that smells like brown sugar—so many colours—so many new tree names to learn.

a couple of months ago Gretchen Snakes performed the song sour cream at the lido in Vancouver—an 8 hour epic.  My friend Alexi visited me soon after when I was sitting at the gallery one sunny Saturday afternoon. He had just received a copy of the recording and we sat and listened to it between cups of tea and conversation.

                                        5pm came around quickly

only a few hours in—sun streaming through the windows—bicycles and an outside adventure called—it was a wonderful afternoon.

Lucky for me Lex sent me the song and today—last day gardening for the season/first day with music on the job—sour cream was the soundtrack to the leaves dancing in the wind before me.

For 8 hours a whole body in time—the leaves ahead—sound in ears—4 bodies recorded in time—ahead of time—leafy lines meet distortion time.

                   it's 2.30am—body still pulsing with rhythm—in time—with time—spent outside moving line—stuck inside rhythm line—another time—a guitar line—guitar line—many lines—bass line—one time—a weaving line—kick drum keeps time—bodily line—leaf line—pulsing time—
                                                                                                                             sleep line

Here's a taster—they rule

Friday, October 31, 2014

studio jamin' @ shore line

good moves
shore line
broken stick
                              two lines
                              new moves @ shore line

                                                      new lines
                                                     shore time
                                                     far out
                                                     in time