Thursday, February 3, 2011

rocks water friends

Lake Catani, November 2010

Braid and orb (young woman), oil on panel. Tiziana La Melia 2010

Bow River, Banff June 2010

We built a bridge across the river- it was now. I remember convincing Jeremy to take his shoes off and get his feet wet- the water was freezing and glacial. As we were selecting and carting rocks across the water a dog appeared from the woods. 
His owners threw a massive rock into the flowing river and he jumped in, after sifting through a couple of boulders he found his and carted it back to his owners- unperturbed by the rock's weight or the water's temperature. 
We never built the bridge the whole way across, we wondered how it would affect the flow of the river and the wildlife around it. I remember feeling really alive- the air was fresh, we had hiked a small portion of the Hoodoo trail and I was in the company of new friends. 

Friends/Caves I made in Banff 2010, Photographed in January 2011

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